Thursday, May 3, 2012

Second Wave of Ivy Bridge Processors Coming In June

Ivy Bridge Processor
Ivy Bridge Processor
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Sources within the industry revealed that the second wave of Ivy Bridge processors for ultrabooks is set to be released near the start of June.

The second wave of the Ivy Bridge processors will come at around the same time as the Computex event that is scheduled to start on June 5 in Taiwan. This was revealed by insiders who were knowledgeable about the plans of PC manufacturers and Intel.

A good number of these ultrabooks that are set to be released in June will feature the latest power-efficient versions of the Ivy Bridge processors of Intel.

The initial wave of Ivy Bridge processors were mainly the quad-core, high-performance models of the processor that were designed mainly for use on large-sized high-performance laptops like the gaming laptop that were announced recently by Samsung.

The Ivy Bridge processor is closely connected with the upcoming version of the operating system of Microsoft, the Windows 8 OS. This close connection is due to the upcoming emergence of hybrid designs of devices following the release of the OS in the later part of the year.

According to the new business head of Intel, Kirk Skaugen, the hybrid designs, which merge the best features of tablet and laptop devices, will offer a new experience for users who will be able to type using the clamshell mode of the device or convert the device into full tablet complete with touchscreen capabilities.

Paul Otellini of Intel had revealed earlier that over a hundred ultrabook designs will be released into the market following the availability of the Ivy Bridge processor.

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