Friday, June 22, 2012

Android 4.0 Update Finally Released To Sony Tablet P

Sony Tablet P
Sony Tablet P
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The Android 4.0 update has become available to the Sony Tablet P as indicated in recent reports. The release of the latest Android platform was supposed to have been made last May 24 in a number of selected markets however it only saw the light of day recently.

Following the release of the Sony Tablet P into the market, some industry watchers hinted at possible issues that may arise for the dual-screen device. Among the issues that were foreseen were in connection the upgrades of the device. However it appears that the Android 4.0 update was uncomplicated so far.

The Sony Tablet S received its update last April and the release of the update for the Sony Tablet P, a number of features will be available to users of the device. Among the features that will come into the update for the Sony Tablet P is the Small Apps feature which functions similar to that of the Dashboard of an Apple device

The update for the Sony Tablet P will also allow the camera in a panorama mode to be opened directly from a locked screen while the new browser will allow users to switch from a mobile version of the website to the desktop version at the flick of a button.

Even as the Android 4.0 update has been released to the Sony Tablet P, Google is also anticipated to launch the upcoming version of the Android, the Jelly Bean. The upcoming Jelly Bean Android will offer more features that are not being offered by the Android 4.0 mobile platform.

The release of the update for the Sony Tablet P may be timely for some although it may be quite late for others. Whichever the case may be, at least the users of the device will finally be able to take advantage of the features that the new mobile platform offers to the market.

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