Friday, June 15, 2012

Mid-June Release for Canon EOS-1DX

Canon EOS-1DX
Canon EOS-1DX
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It appears that the Canon EOS-1DX will be released into the market in the coming week. The upcoming release of the much-awaited powerhouse camera of Canon comes following months of waiting by photography enthusiasts.

Last February camera manufacturer had revealed that the upcoming Canon EOS-1DX will be released by the later part of April at a price tag of around $6,799. However it has yet to reach the shelves of major retailers, which gives indications that Canon may have miscalculated its schedule of release into the market.

However the wait for the upcoming Canon EOS-1DX may come to an end as Canon has reportedly announced recently that the upcoming DSLR will be officially released into the market by June 20. But it may not automatically mean that potential buyers of the Canon EOS-1DX will be able to get their hands on the upcoming Canon DSLR.

According to a US representative of Canon, the upcoming Canon EOS-1DX will be available in limited numbers through selected dealers by the middle of June. The inventory of the upcoming DSLR will reportedly be increased gradually although it will be arriving just in time for the London Olympics 2012.

The latest release schedule for the Canon EOS-1DX also comes as a number of accessories of the latest Canon DSLR will become available in the market. Among the accessories that will be introduced include the battery pack, battery charger, wireless file transmitter, wide strap, and focusing screen. The GPS receiver will reportedly be launched by Canon sometime in July.

The upcoming release of the Canon EOS-1DX will be good news for photography enthusiasts who have been waiting for a number of months to get their hands on the latest DSLR offering of Canon. 

Canon reportedly also released the official autofocus setting guidebook for the Canon EOS-1DX in PDF recently.

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