Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Xbox Live Updated by Microsoft

My Xbox Live
My Xbox Live
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Microsoft recently released its latest update for the My Xbox Live application for the iOS. The update will feature the capability of controlling the Xbox 360 using an iOS device as well as find apps, videos, music and other entertainment content.

The latest version of the My Xbox Live will allow users of the iPhone to control their Xbox 360 game console with their Apple smartphones or their iPad units. The previous version of the application only gave users the capability of tracking and comparing user profiles and achievements. The previous version of the My Xbox Live app also allowed users to link up with Xbox Live friends and manipulate their 3D avatars.

With the latest update, users will be able to access numerous entertainment content that are found on their Xbox 360 by using the My Xbox Live application as a remote. The application will also facilitate a number of remote control features including play, fast-forward, pause, and rewind for music and video files. The My Xbox Live app will also allow users to look for new entertainment content.

The update also stabilizes the application for its iPad and iPhone versions

In addition to the updated My Xbox Live application, Microsoft also introduced its SmartGlass platform during the recent E3 gaming convention. The SmartGlass platform is a multi-screen entertainment option that is similar to the AirPlay of Apple. It facilitates the beaming of content into a television from a mobile device using the Xbox 360.

The latest My Xbox Live application can be downloaded for free from the App Store of Apple.

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