Thursday, June 21, 2012

Next-Gen Stylus May Be Featured On Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Next-Gen Stylus
Samsung Next-Gen Stylus
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A patent application was spotted recently by Patent Bolt that gave indications that the Samsung Galaxy S3 may come with a next-gen stylus that allows users to take down notes as well as chat with friends.

The reported digital stylus, which may be used on the Samsung Galaxy S3, is supposedly designed for tapping and writing on the display of a smartphone or a tablet and will feature an integrated wireless headset that will facilitate chatting. The headset is located in the clip will allow users to receive or make calls without any interruptions on the note-taking of the user. It will also indicate that it will not be necessary to place the tablet or smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 near the ear of the user.

The stylus was initially featured for the Samsung Galaxy Note, which was called the S-Pen, while another stylus, the C-Pen, will be featured on the Samsung Galaxy S3. However with the newly-discovered patent, the next-gen stylus may be even used on the Samsung Galaxy S3 as well as the other Galaxy devices of Samsung.

The headset will be linked to a smartphone or tablet through a short-range wireless connection and the buttons found on the pen will be used as the volume controls of the headset once it is used. Since pens do not work well with capacitive screens, which are designed to perceive the electricity coming from the fingers, the pens of Samsung feature plates that transmit the micro-current from the finger to the tip of the pen.

The next-gen stylus will be a welcome addition to the Galaxy devices of Samsung including the Samsung Galaxy S3, which is set to be released into the US market soon.

The use of a stylus is becoming so popular that Apple is reportedly looking into the possibility of creating its own version of the device as indicated in an earlier patent for an iPen that will feature an integrated speaker, haptic feedback and multi-touch gestures.

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