Friday, June 29, 2012

NFC Support Hinted on Prototypes of iPhone 5

iPhone 5
iPhone 5

It appears that the upcoming iPhone 5 will feature near field communication or NFC capabilities if the early prototypes of the device are used as a basis. Reports have indicated that some details were obtained that indicated possible NFC capabilities for the upcoming device basing on its early prototypes.

Codes that were obtained from the Pre-EVT iPhone 5.1 and iPhone 5.2 prototypes have hinted at the possibility that the upcoming model of the iPhone will feature an NFC chip and antenna.

This will give indications that Apple will likely join in the mobile payments trend and offer users the capability of purchasing products and services using their smartphones. The latest reports on the possible NFC capabilities of the upcoming iPhone 5 follow the launch of Passbook , which is featured on the iOS6 and allows users to store electronic versions of tickets, receipts, and other information from merchants.

Although the Passbook feature may not require an NFC functionality since it merely acts as a storage, some industry watchers believe that Apple will incorporate NFC into the Passbook feature. Some speculations have emerged on the possibility that the upcoming iPhone 5 however some observers are convinced that the next version of the iPhone will feature this capability.

An NFC feature has been highly-touted since it provides users with the capability of making payments through a simple swipe on a smartphone near an NFC-enabled register. It will also offer a number of potential functions for users of the upcoming iPhone 5 including the capability of sharing content with other devices, which would make it unnecessary to synchronize through iTunes.

Reports last year had hinted at the possibility that the current model of the iPhone will feature NFC support however these reports were proven to be false.

With the latest reports on the data obtained from prototypes of the iPhone 5 may give indications that the upcoming flagship smartphone of Apple may finally offer NFC capabilities to its potential users.

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