Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Patent Hints At Interchangeable Lens for the iPhone

iPhone 4S
iPhone 4S
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A recent patent application of Apple hints at the possibility that users of the iPhone will soon have the capability of changing the camera lens of their devices. The patent application was published recently and it covers a mobile electronic device like a mobile phone.

The patent shows that the back panel of the device may be removed, which would give users the capability of changing the lens on the camera of the device. However this will be a major change from the design of the iPhone since the company would normally deliver a device that is completely sealed.

For the moment, iPhone photography enthusiasts are using add-ons in order to make modifications on the lens of the device. This may change once the capability of switching the lens is incorporated into the design of the iPhone of Apple.

It may appear that the patent may have been a part of the grand plans of the late Steve Jobs in making the cameras of the iPhone more appealing to photography enthusiasts. Jobs also had some interest in photography and had envisioned an enhanced camera during a meeting with the CEO of Lytro, Ren Ng, last year.

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