Saturday, June 2, 2012

Report Points To 3D Capability For Upcoming iOS 6 App

iOS 6
iOS 6
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It seems that the upcoming Maps app that will be used on the iOS 6 of Apple may have the capability of showing images in 3D.

The Map application is reportedly being evaluated by Apple in its upcoming iOS 6 mobile platform.

This was revealed recently in a preview released by Boy Genius Report into the internet. The details and the images of the app that will be featured on the iOS 6 reportedly came from a trusted source.

BGR used the information that it received from its source to display the mockup of the app as shown on the image on its site. Some other images were shown but these were blurred a bit and displayed other screens that may be used on the upcoming application.

However the option to show the 3D mode of the iOS 6 app piqued the interest of industry watchers. BGR indicated that the lower corner on the right side of the app should be pulled back and the 3D mode option is tapped to show the 3D mode of this upcoming iOS 6 application. Switching from 3D to 2D and vice versa can be done by a simply tap on the lower left corner of the app.

C3 Technologies may have provided the 3D imaging technology on the iOS 6 app since the company was acquired by Apple last year.

The images and the details of the 3D mode for the iOS 6 app confirmed an earlier report that hinted that Apple was developing its own Maps application and will not use Google Maps anymore. Another report indicated that the upcoming app will be quite remarkable once it enters the market through the iOS 6 mobile platform.

The iOS 6 is expected to be introduced by Apple during the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference and together with the new mobile platform, the Maps application may also see the light of day during the event that is scheduled to start on June 11.

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