Sunday, June 10, 2012

Supposed Images of Google Nexus Tablet Emerge

Google Nexus Tablet
Google Nexus Tablet
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Images of the reported Google Nexus tablet have emerged recently even as the I/O event of Google approaches however it remains uncertain if these images are authentic.

The leaked images have stirred up a hornet’s nest in the Android community as these may offer the first look at the upcoming Google Nexus tablet. The images are somewhat blurred although one could make out some of the features on the device. The leaked image of the reported Google Nexus tablet shows its white-colored face while the back of the device has two colors, black and silver.

The upcoming Google Nexus tablet may also be designed for use in portrait mode basing on the orientation and position of the logo of Google. The logo of Asus is also found near the bottom of the upcoming device which confirm earlier reports that the company will manufacture the upcoming Google Nexus tablet.

The design of the upcoming tablet offering of Asus shows some similarities to the Samsung Galaxy S3. However it remains uncertain if the leaked image is showing the actual Google Nexus tablet that may be released into the market in the future.

Some inconsistencies in the design as shown on the image have resulted to some doubts on the veracity of the leaked image. These inconsistencies include the speaker along the top of the device as well as a proximity and light sensor positioned near the camera. There is no rational explanation for the positioning of the speaker and the proximity sensor unless it will be used close to the ear of the user.

However some observers have also indicated that some companies release mockups for upcoming devices and this may be one of the mockups that Asus may have made for the upcoming Google Nexus tablet. Whether the leaked image is accurate or not remains to be seen until Google will finally unveil the actual device.

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