Monday, June 11, 2012

Video Supposedly Shows iPhone 5 of Apple

iPhone 5
iPhone 5

A video was uploaded recently on YouTube that reportedly showed the new body of the upcoming iPhone 5. The person who uploaded the video supposedly works at ETradeSupply, a parts reseller.

Numerous reports have emerged on the upcoming iPhone 5 indicating some of the supposed features and release date of the Apple device. The recent video claims to show the body of the upcoming device. The metallic body of the supposed iPhone 5 appeared slimmer and taller compared to the current version of the iPhone.

Previous reports have hinted at a four-inch display for the reported iPhone 5 that will have a similar width as the current models but slightly taller to accommodate its bigger display screen.

The body shown on the video appears to confirm numerous reports that have emerged on the upcoming version of the iPhone. Among the reports that emerged indicated that the headphone jack of the reported iPhone 5 will be positioned at the bottom even as it will feature a much-smaller dock connector.

The video also showed the aluminum back plate on the supposed body of the reported iPhone 5. Numerous images have also emerged which supposedly show the upcoming version of the iPhone. These images had similar features as the supposed body of the iPhone 5 that was shown on the video.

However Apple has not made any statements that confirm the existence of the iPhone 5 along with its supposed features and introduction into the market. With the emergence of numerous reports that showed similar features and design of the supposed products it may be possible that there may be some truth to these reports.

A keynote address from Apple is expected on June 11 during the Worldwide Developers Conference although it will be focused on the OS X and the iOS. However some speculations have emerged that Apple may also introduce the reported iPhone 5.

For the moment these reports will remains as speculations until Apple will finally introduce the reported iPhone 5 into the market.

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