Friday, June 8, 2012

Xbox Music Service Introduced by Microsoft


The Xbox Music service, a new music service that is set to go up against Spotify and iTunes, was introduced recently by Microsoft.

Music tracks will become available to the console and Windows 8 devices due to the latest music service from Microsoft. The Xbox Music service was introduced in a press conference during the E3 event. The service will offer thirty million tracks to the Xbox game console along with PCs and tablets using the Windows 8 OS of the company.

With the announcement, Microsoft basically declared the Zune Music service obsolete as it as nearly abandoned the use of the music player. The Xbox Music service will also turn the Xbox game console into a complete home entertainment hub.

Earlier reports gave hints of the upcoming Xbox Music service as another distribution channel that music labels can tap in promoting their products. The Zune music service did not make much of an impact in the market even as the Xbox offered the company a huge number of users that it can tap with the upcoming Xbox Music service.

It is anticipated that smartphones will be able to use the latest music service offering of Microsoft. Offering the Xbox Music service is similar to the move of Sony in offering music services to the users of the PlayStation along with other Sony mobile devices.

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