Sunday, July 29, 2012

Android 4.1 Update Set To Be Released To HTC Devices

Android 4.1 Update
Android 4.1 Update
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With the recent release of the Jelly Bean Android 4.1 OS through the Google Nexus 7 tablet, it appears that the Android 4.1 update is about to be released to a number of Android-powered devices.

The Android 4.1 update is reportedly set to be released to the HTC One S and the HTC One XL although it was officially announce in Australia for the moment. According to the update list of Telstra, an Australian mobile service provider, the Android 4.1 update is set to be released to the two HTC smartphones.

The mobile service provider indicated that HTC is currently working on the update although no specific release date was revealed. The Android 4.1 update will reportedly be passed on to Telstra for evaluation.

For the moment no other details were released on the availability of the Jelly BeanAndroid OS update for other Android-powered devices. No other mobile service provider has released any statements on the release of the updates for their respective device offerings.

HTC had initially revealed that it was set to release the Android 4.1 update to a number of their devices during the recent I/O conference of Google. The company is reportedly evaluating the software to finalize its plans for the update and is asking users of its devices to simply wait for further announcements on the specific release dates of the Android 4.1 update.

With the announcement of the Android 4.1 update by Telstra, it appears that the Jelly Bean Android is slowly being released even as the Android 4.0 update has yet to be released to most Android-powered devices.

A recent announcement by Google also revealed that it will be releasing the Android 4.1 update to a number of Nexus devices although the specific release dates has yet to be announced by the online search giant.

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