Monday, July 30, 2012

Expanded Release Of iTunes Cloud


The iTunes in the Cloud service of Apple was expanded recently as it is now accessible in a number of countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Due to this the iTunes Cloud will allow a number of international users to watch movies using their iDevice or a computer.

The cloud-based support for movies of Apple will also become available in a number of Asia Pacific and Latin American countries. With the availability of the iTunes Cloud, movies that users purchase through iTunes will be able to view them in any iDevice since these are synched automatically into the cloud.

Users will not be limited to videos since they will also be able to access videos, music, books, television shows and applications through the iTunes Cloud. These features were already available for US users although the recent expansion will increase the reach of the iTunes Cloud in the international market.

Products purchased through iTunes will be stored into iCloud although the quota of the online storage system will not be affected. This will allow users to store a good amount of entertainment into the online storage system.

Television shows and movies can be streamed from the cloud directly or users can watch offline after downloading them into their devices. No other details were available on the iTunes Cloud.

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