Friday, July 6, 2012

Leaked Image Shows Innovation For Upcoming Windows Phone 8 Devices

Windows Phone 8
Windows Phone 8
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A recently-leaked image hinted that the latest version of the Windows Phone 8 will feature an innovative keyboard that will facilitate texting with one hand.

The image was reportedly sourced from a Microsoft Research presentation that was leaked recently and it shows that the keyboard is rounded to fit the thumb of the user with each of the characters are also arranged into separate blocks. Some industry watchers have indicated that the leaked image seemed to hint at a predictive keyboard for the upcoming device.

These modifications will likely come with the Windows Phone 8, the latest version of the mobile operating system of Microsoft that is set to be released soon. It will reportedly feature a new home screen that features tiles that can be resized.

However following an earlier announcement by Microsoft that current devices including the recently released Nokia Lumia 900 will not be updated with the still-unreleased Windows Phone 8 mobile OS, a number of Windows Phone users were disheartened.

Despite this, the arc-shaped keypad on the HTC 7 Trophy may hint at the possibility that new software for keyboards may receive the Windows Phone 7.8 although this is not the Windows Phone 8 that some users are hoping to receive once the new mobile OS is released into the market.

Due to this some questions were raised on whether the supposed new keyboard design for the Windows Phone 8 will be an appealing option to users of existing Windows Phone devices.

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