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New PlayStation 3 May Be Slimmer According To Reports

PlayStation 3
PlayStation 3
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Around three years after the PlayStation 3 underwent a redesign, it appears that Sony is set to release an even slimmer version of the PlayStation 3. The new PlayStation 3 will reportedly be released prior to the start of the holiday shopping season and may be offered at a much lower price tag.

Earlier reports had indicated that a number of documents were submitted by Sony to the FCC for a new PlayStation 3. The filing showed that the new device had the model number CECH-4000. The model number of the current version of the game console is CECH-3000.

The new label hinted of a redesign in the game console since the dimensions for the new PlayStation 3 was not like the current version. Even as no statements were issued by Sony in connection to the FCC filing, industry watchers have indicated that the new PlayStation 3 will likely be a redesign of the current version and may be introduced as early as the coming month.

A technology-focused blog also indicated that a still-to-be-announce game console was also found in a system similar to the FCC in Brazil. The documents filed in Brazil by Sony showed some images that hinted of a much slimmer new PlayStation 3.

The entire appearance of the new PlayStation 3 seemed like a combination of the original version and the slimmer model of the game console. The top of the device featured a row of ridges and it appeared to lack a slot-loading drive although the discs may be loaded via a sliding door near the top of the device. The document also revealed that the new PlayStation 3 will feature three storage options, 16GB, 250GB and 500GB.

However some industry watchers have indicated that the 16GB may have been a typographical error since it is unlikely for the company to offer a 16GB model of the new PlayStation 3.

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