Monday, July 16, 2012

Reports On Upcoming Amazon Smartphone


Reports about a possible Amazon smartphone initially emerged last year and it appears that recent reports have given indications that the device may be released near the end of the year or at the start of the coming year.

The Amazon smartphone is supposedly being tested already and mass production may start at the end of the year or at the start of 2013. Foxconn will reportedly take care of manufacturing the upcoming Amazon smartphone. The company also produces the iPhone of Apple.

Some industry watchers expect the Amazon smartphone to make an impact in the market similar to what happened when the Amazon Kindle Fire was released. The price tag of the upcoming device is also expected to be low when compared to other unsubsidized smartphones in the market.

The upcoming Amazon smartphone is also expected to allow users to easily access the various content offerings of the online retail giant, which will offer an optimized shopping experience for the users of the device.

The possible features of the upcoming device remain uncertain although some speculations have emerged giving indications that the upcoming Amazon smartphone may come with an OMAP 4 ARM processor from Texas Instruments while its screen display may be at least four inches. The upcoming device is also expected to feature the Amazon OS although the company may opt to make some modifications in the same way it modified the Android OS for the Amazon Kindle Fire.

A number of challenges may face the upcoming Amazon smartphone when it will be offered into the market. It can be recalled that the Nexus One of Google was not quite successful when it was released into the market.

The company may offer the Amazon smartphone at a reasonable price without the need for a two-year service contract. However since it may not become available in time for the holiday shopping season, the company will have to work harder to allow it to duplicate the successful sales campaign of the Amazon Kindle Fire.

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