Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sales of Nintendo 3DS and Xbox 360 Top Respective Markets

Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 3DS
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Sales of the Nintendo 3DS reached the five million mark recently even as the sales of the Xbox 360 of Microsoft allowed the software giant to maintain its top spot in terms of sales.

Sales of both the Nintendo 3DS and the Microsoft Xbox 360 have remained solid in the US market as indicated in the figures revealed by the two companies.

Nintendo currently holds the top spot in the mobile game console market with its 75 percent share of the market due to its string Nintendo 3DS sales. On the other hand the Xbox of Microsoft has allowed it to maintain its lead in the console market for the 18th straight month as it has a 47 percent share of the market.

Xbox sales for June reached 257,000 units even as a number of game titles for the Xbox have made to the top ten recently. The solid sales of the Nintendo 3DS, which is the latest version being sold by the company, has allowed the company to top the mobile game console market for the second consecutive month.

Total Nintendo 3DS sales for June have reached 155,000 units, which allowed the company to reach the five million unit mark. According to the sales and marketing executive vice president of Nintendo America, Scott Moffitt, the milestone reached by the Nintendo 3DS will allow the mobile game console to offer new games and hardware into the market.

The games offered for the Nintendo 3DS in the last holiday shopping season was considered as the best that the company has released so far and it aims to surpass this level this year. The 3D experience offered by the Nintendo 3DS to gamers is the best one so far and will be enhanced further with the addition of the Nintendo Wii U.

The Nintendo 3DS XL is currently being promoted by the company together with the ‘New Super Mario Bros 2, which are set to be introduced by August 19.

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