Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Seven-Inch Nook Tablet Offers Better Display

Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble

The market for smaller tablets may yet to receive another entry following the introduction of the Google Nexus 7 tablet. Reports have hinted that a new seven-inch Nook tablet may be offered by Barnes & Noble soon.

In addition to the Google Nexus 7 tablet, speculations have increased on the possible appearance of the iPad mini before the end of the year as well as another model of the Amazon Kindle Fire. The supposed new seven-inch Nook tablet will reportedly feature a new screen technology that the company has developed on collaboration with another company.

Some industry watchers have speculated that the upcoming new seven-inch Nook tablet may feature a hybrid display that has the features of an LCD and e-ink screen display.

Among the possible screen display technology that the new seven-inch Nook tablet will feature is the mirasol display of Qualcomm. These displays will utilize microscopic mirrors instead of a backlight. The mirrors will reflect any available ambient light, displaying colors and making reading outside easier. The power usage of the display technology is also comparatively lower compared to LCD display. They also have the capability of showing videos.

The technology has been under development by Qualcomm for a number of years already and it may be available for use by the middle of the year, which make it a possible candidate for use on the new seven-inch Nook tablet.

However the new seven-inch Nook tablet may not be the first device to use the mirasol technology of Qualcomm since the Kyobo e-reader is using this particular screen display technology following its release into the market. However this South Korean device did not make much impact in the market.

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