Saturday, July 14, 2012

Supposed Engineering Samples of iPad Mini Leaked

iPad Mini Engineering Samples
iPad Mini Engineering Samples
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Despite the disdain of the late Steve Jobs for tablets with small display screens, it appears that Apple is set to release its own small-sized tablets into the market. That is if recently leaked images of the supposed iPad mini are proven to be authentic.

Images of supposed engineering samples of the iPad mini as well as the iPhone 5 were leaked recently and it showed the features as well as the size of the devices. The images showing the engineering samples of the iPad mini and the iPhone 5 reportedly came from sources within the supply chain of the company.

However it was noted that the units shown on the images do not appear to be functional since the supposed iPad mini appeared to be made from molded plastic while the images of the iPhone 5 looked like milled aluminum.

However the image of the iPad mini seemed to offer a more complete depiction of an actual product. The supposed device showed a smooth design that was around 5.65 inches in width 8.4 inches in height. The image of the iPad mini also featured the smaller dock adapter at the bottom along with microphone and speaker grills.

The image showing the iPhone 5 also indicated that the screen was taller and appeared to have a hole that may be used for a microphone near the LED flash and the rear-facing camera. A second microphone is positioned near the top and is currently being used to cancel noise.

Although it remains uncertain if Apple will be releasing an iPad mini, reports on the supposed smaller version of the iPad have started to increase recently. Reports coming from credible news websites have given more credence to the possibility that Apple is actually preparing for the release of a smaller version of the iPad into the market.

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