Saturday, July 7, 2012

Upcoming Interchangeable Lens Camera From Samsung Offers Wi-Fi Connectivity

Samsung EX2F Interchangeable Lens Camera
Samsung EX2F Interchangeable Lens Camera
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Samsung recently unveiled its latest entry to its the interchangeable lens camera lineup, the Samsung EX2F.

The Samsung EX2F is the successor to the Samsung EX1 or the TL500 and features a 24mm f1.4 lens. The recent addition to the interchangeable lens camera lineup comes two years after the Samsung EX1 was introduced into the market.

The Samsung EX2F is similar to the previous model of this interchangeable lens camera as it has a similar size and features a fast ultra- wide angle lens as well as a swivel AMOLED display measuring three-inches. But the recently-unveiled device comes with a much faster lens at f1.4 compared to the f1.8 of its predecessor.

The 24 to 79 mm lens of this latest interchangeable lens camera also goes down to a maximum of f2.7 when the lens is zoomed in.

The latest camera offering of Samsung also features a twelve-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor instead of the ten-megapixel CCD sensor of the previous version of this interchangeable lens camera. This will facilitate the recording of full HD videos at a rate of 30 frames per second on this latest interchangeable lens camera model.  In comparison the TL500 is limited to recording VGA-resolution videos.

The Samsung EX2F also features Wi-Fi connectivity that facilitates the uploading of images and videos directly into the Facebook or the YouTube account of the user. The Wi-Fi feature of the device will also allow the use of a smartphone as a remote viewfinder. However there are some limitations to this feature of this interchangeable lens camera since Samsung does not offer much support for devices outside of the Samsung Galaxy line.

But once the company will be able to make the necessary enhancements on the compatibility of the device, the Samsung EX2F will definitely become a good option for potential buyers of compact digital cameras.

The Samsung EX2F interchangeable lens camera is expected to enter the market by August at a price tag of around $550.

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