Thursday, July 19, 2012

Yellow Jacket iPhone Case Offers Protection To Users At Night

Yellow Jacket iPhone Case
Yellow Jacket iPhone Case
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A stunningly practical iPhone case will allow users feel a bit safer while walking alone in a dark lonely street at night. The Yellow Jacket iPhone case does not only offer protection to an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, it also provides protection to the user since it can be used as a stun gun packing a 650,000-volt charge.

The regular price tag of the Yellow Jacket iPhone case is $125 although potential buyer may avail of the Early Bird rate of $85. The Yellow Jacket iPhone case comes in three color options, white, black, and pink.

The new Yellow Jacket iPhone case was borne out of the need to make a defensive device easily accessible to users. Although other defensive devices, such as a Taser and pepper spray, are already available in the market, it may not be accessible enough in a surprise attack. It is more practical to attach a defensive tool into a device that is easily accessed by users, which makes a phone as the most practical choice.

However concerns were raised on the safety of having a device packing 650,000 volts positioned next to the face of a user while taking or making a call. The team indicated that the Yellow Jacket iPhone case will feature a number of safety features that prevents an accidental misfire. The dangerous component of the device is covered with an electrode cap that can be easily rotated at the same time the device is disabled through a safety switch.  The two features can be disabled and make the Yellow Jacket iPhone case ready for use in less than one second.

The Yellow Jacket iPhone case does increase the thickness and weight of the iPhone, although this may be a small price to pay to keep one safe from harm.

In addition to having an easily accessible defensive tool for iPhone users, the Yellow Jacket iPhone case also extends the battery life of the smartphone by around twenty hours. The stun gun can be easily used to charge the phone although it should be noted that the battery for the stun gun may be drained if too much of its battery is used in charging the iPhone.

The Yellow Jacket iPhone case is a very useful tool in making one feel safer while walking alone at night in a dark, lonely street. Plans are reportedly in place to develop and manufacture similar cases for the upcoming iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy and HTC EVO smartphones.


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  2. Thanks for the post I've been using the Shell Shock from Cellairis for a few months and it's been the best iphone screen protector i've used so far, but i'm not sure if there is a Yellow Jacket case. I live in Atlanta so Jackets all the way!