Thursday, August 23, 2012

Apple iPad Market Share Dominates Second Quarter

iPad Market Share
iPad Market Share
It appears that the market share for the iPad of Apple is bigger compared to the combined share of all of rivals in the market. According to HIS iSuppli, the iPad market share is around 70 percent for the second quarter while its closest rival, the Samsung Galaxy Tab only has 9.2 percent of the entire tablet market.

The data released by the research company showed that 17 million units of the iPad of Apple for the second quarter compared to 2.3 million units shipped for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The third and the fourth slots were taken by Amazon and Asus respectively. Amazon garnered only 4.2 percent of the tablet market while 2.8 percent went to Asus. This means the iPad market share is over two times bigger compared to its competitors.

According to Rhoda Alexander, the tablet and monitor research director of the company, the iPad market share gives indications that the company has made all the suitable moves to dominate the market.  The iPad market share may be further increased with reports on the upcoming release of the iPad Mini.

Reports on the upcoming release of the seven-inch model of the iPad will allow the company to the iPad market share to expand to the market for smaller-sized tablets.

Even as Microsoft and Google are set to challenge the dominance of Apple in the tablet market, industry watchers are expecting the company to maintain its share of the market. In fact another research company has indicated that the iPad market share will be over sixty percent for the year, which is an increase from its share from last year.

Users of the older models of the iPad have also been tempted to upgrade to the current models of the device due to the inclusion of the Retina screen display and 4G LTE network support for the current model of the device. This has allowed the iPad market share to be maintained by the company.

The iPad market share has made up most of the 24.4 million units delivered around the world for the second quarter. This is an increase from the 20.3 million units delivered in the first quarter of the year.

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