Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mac OS X Mountain Lion Users Increasing

Mac OS X Mountain Lion
Mac OS X Mountain Lion
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An analytics and advertising firm revealed that over two million Mac users are already using the latest OS X version that was released recently. Although no official figures were released by Apple for the usage of the Mac OS X Mountain Lion, it appears that it has a more successful initial release compared to earlier versions of the OS.

According to Chitika, around 3.2 percent of all Macs are already using the Mac OS X Mountain Lion. In comparison, the previous version reached 14 percent after around three months.

The 3.2 percent share of the Mac OS X Mountain Lion was reached only after around two days it was made available in the market, which is a quite impressive feat for the OS. The firm indicated that the fast rate of adoption may be attributed to the moderately low price tag for the Mac OS X Mountain Lion as well as a good number of attractive enhancements.

Over one million users reportedly downloaded the latest Mac OS during the initial 24 hours of availability in the market. Basing on the computations of the company, around 2.24 million users have downloaded as well as installed the Mac OS X Mountain Lion within 48 hours of availability.

The Mac OS X Mountain Lion has a price tag of around $20, which is the lowest paid OS update released by Apple. In comparison, the previous versions of the OS update that came every two years were priced at around $129 before it was reduced to around $29 as the updates gradually become closer to each other.

Apple revealed last June that over 66 million users were using the Mac OS. A free update will be provided by Apple for users who purchased a Mac from the announcement of the upcoming availability of the Mac OS X Mountain Lion until the release of the OS recently. However it remains uncertain if all of the people who downloaded the software were users or were previous users who simply upgraded their systems.

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