Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Samsung Tablet Emerges At Patent Battle

The patent battle between Apple and Samsung resulted to the release of information of a new Samsung tablet is already in the works. The tablet will reportedly feature an 11.8-inch Retina display screen and was given the codename P10.

The display screen of the new Samsung tablet will feature a resolution of 2560 by 1600 as well as a 256ppi pixel density. The upcoming device will offer LTE network support and is bigger than the iPad of Apple, which has a screen size of 9.5 inches. Although the new Samsung tablet is bigger, the pixel density of the iPad is bigger at 264pp despite having a resolution of only 2048 by 1536.

A number of new products from Samsung and Apple have emerged due to the patent lawsuit filed by the latter against the former and the supposed new Samsung tablet is among the latest products to have come out.

Since Samsung supplies a good number of LCDs and AMOLED displays, it is only logical for the South Korean company to produce a tablet using a Retina display in the reported new Samsung tablet. Since a ban was imposed on the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 due to an injunction ordered at the request of Apple, the tablet has not been available in the US market.

A number of vital design patents for the iPad are supposedly applicable to the Samsung tablet. However Samsung has indicated that the design of the device is supposedly generic, which means it did not violate any of the patents of Apple.

Aside from the new Samsung tablet that was dubbed as P10, a pair of Samsung devices using the Windows 8 OS were also leaked through court documents. These two devices were given the codename Marco and Odyssey.

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