Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nikon J2 Camera – Latest 1-Series Entry

Nikon J2 Camera
Nikon J2 Camera
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A new entry to the 1-series cameras was announced by Nikon less than a year after its launch. The Nikon J2 camera will feature a 2.5x standard zoom lens or an 11-27.5mm lens, which is not up to the 3x standard of the 1-series camera of the company.

The Nikon J2 camera appears similar to its predecessor although it features a Creative Mode setting found on the back of the device. It also feature an enhanced LCD display compared to the Nikon J1 camera. In addition to the Creative Mode, the Nikon J2 camera of Nikon features a number of other scene modes including Selective Color, Miniature, Night Portrait, and Night Landscape.

Two new color options will be available for the Nikon J2 camera including a red and orange color option. Although the lens of the latest camera offering of Nikon is not up to the standard 3x lens of its predecessor, it also comes with a 10 – 30mm lens, which will have a price tag of around $190. The Nikon J2 camera will reportedly have a price tag of around $550 and will become available in the market by September.

The upcoming Nikon J2 camera will be quite appealing for compact camera enthusiasts since its 11-27.5mm lens is smaller and lighter compared to the typical 10 -30mm lens.

In addition to the Nikon J2 camera, the company is also set to release its latest underwater housing offering. The WP-N1 will be ideal for sports divers since it is rated for depths reaching 130 feet, the depth limit for the sport. The underwater housing is also compatible for the 10 – 30mm lens and will have a price tag of around $750.

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