Thursday, August 23, 2012

Preorder Posting For Samsung Galaxy S3 Emerges

Black Samsung Galaxy S3
Black Samsung Galaxy S3
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A recent report has supposedly hinted of the possible release of a black Samsung Galaxy S3 a and a recent posting on an online retailer has increased speculations on the possible release of this color option of the most recent flagship smartphone of the manufacturer from South Korean.

A posting reportedly showed the black Samsung Galaxy S3 available for pre-orders through at a price tag of around £500. The supposed black Samsung Galaxy S3 will reportedly be in stock within six-week’s time. This indicates that the black color option for the flagship smartphone of Samsung will be available by the middle of the coming month.

According to the online retailer, the image of the black Samsung Galaxy S3 was not provided by the South Korean company but was based on earlier images of the device.

However Samsung has not yet officially announced the availability of the black Samsung Galaxy S3. This indicates that it would be practical for potential buyers to postpone pre-ordering the supposed new color option for the popular smartphone offering of the South Korean company.

Samsung has reportedly indicated that it does issue comments on speculations and rumors.

The image of the black Samsung Galaxy S3 initially emerged on the Facebook page of the South Korean company during the London Olympic Games. Samsung was a major sponsor of the quadrennial sporting event. After it appearance on the Facebook page of Samsung, the black Samsung Galaxy S3 was also seen listed on the inventory system of Carphone Warehouse although it simply indicated that the device was the Samsung Galaxy S3 Black. No other information was shown on the Carphone Warehouse listing of the black Samsung Galaxy S3.

It remains uncertain if the South Korean company will indeed offer the black Samsung Galaxy S3, which is currently available in blue and white color options.

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