Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rear Camera Hinted By Supposed iPad Mini Cases

iPad Mini
iPad Mini
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A number of iPad Mini cases that have reportedly appeared in the market in China appear to offer support for cameras both in front and the back. This was revealed by, a blogging website.

Earlier reports have not hinted of a camera for the iPad Mini even as the iPad Mini cases being sold in China offer support for it.

The supposed iPad Mini cases that were posted on feature a clip made of plastic on its rear cover, which hints of a possible rear-facing camera for the device. However it does not take a LED flash into consideration. The front part of the cases also hint if a FaceTime camera located along the top center portion of the display. This is similar to the 9.7-inch model of the iPad.

The supposed iPad Mini cases also show a slimmer bezel for the upcoming device compared to the current model of the iPad. The headphone jack and mute switch have been positioned on the left side of the device while the volume control is on the right.

The iPad Mini cases also show that the speaker is found at the bottom instead of the back. The upcoming device may also have a smaller-sized dock connector, which is consistent to recent reports that indicate that the dock connector of its devices will be shrunk to use around eight pins.

For the moment, these reports are mere speculation and the iPad Mini cases being sold in China may not have been designed based on the actual product and may have been based on the reported features of the next model of the iPad.

Industry watchers are currently on a wait-and-see stance when it comes to the upcoming iPad Mini of Apple, which will reportedly launch the device next month.

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