Wednesday, August 22, 2012

September Launch for AT&T iPhone 5 Hinted

iPhone 5
iPhone 5

Even as reports on the new iPhone 5 continue to emerge, it appears that a US-based network service provider is already working on the upcoming release of the next version of the popular smartphone of Apple.

Reports have hinted that AT&T is supposedly working on plans for the introduction of the new iPhone 5, which will supposedly be available near the end of the September. An anonymous source that is considered trusted by the mobile service provider made the revelation on the possible introduction of the new iPhone 5 by the third or the fourth week of the coming month.

The latest report on the possible launch of the new iPhone 5 is consistent with recent reports that the product will be launch by Apple during an event scheduled on September 12 and its possible release on September 21.

The mobile service provider is reportedly requiring all employees to be present in order to have enough personnel to handle the potentially huge demand for the next generation iPhone. The schedules of all employees are supposed to be clear until October as indicated in a report by BGR.

Another source has reportedly revealed to BGR that a major training for regional employees of AT&T that was originally scheduled near the start of October was supposedly postponed. The reason for the postponement was a conflict with a major announcement by the company.

But it did not give any indications that the major announcement was for the launch of the new iPhone 5. Recent reports have given indications that the new iPhone 5 will be released sometime next month along with another new product from Apple, the iPad Mini.

Latest reports have also shown that a number of retailers are currently selling the older models of the iPhone at reduced prices, which hint at preparations for the upcoming release of the new iPhone 5. In addition to the third-party retailers, Apple has also given the go signal to sell the current model of the iPhone at prices similar to those offered by the third-party retailers.

A number of images of the different components of the new iPhone 5 were leaked recently including a recent image that supposedly shows the motherboard of the next model of the popular Apple smartphone.

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