Monday, August 27, 2012

Video Shows Upcoming Smartphone Offering From LG

LG Electronics
LG Electronics

A recently-released video has hinted of a new smartphone offering from LG that will feature the Snapdragon S4 processor of Qualcomm together with an Adreno 320 GPU. The video was initially seen by The Verge and was in Korean.

For the moment no details were provided by LG on its upcoming smartphone offering featuring the second generation quad –core processor from Qualcomm. The upcoming smartphone is the latest venture of the company in the smartphone market, which was not quite kind to it lately.

In addition to the high-end processor, the upcoming LG smartphone will also come with a number of high-end features such as a high-end camera, better display, and bigger RAM. It is also expected to feature 4G network support.

It is also quite possible for the upcoming LG smartphone to use the Optimus brand once it is introduced into the market. A number of high-end Android smartphones of LG carry the LG brand, that is, before they were re-branded when they were released into the international market.

Even as Samsung has continued to dominate the Android smartphone market, LG has yet to offer a smartphone that will allow it to gain the recognition of consumers in the market. LG has reportedly indicated that it will be offering a number of LTE-enabled smartphones in order to make an impact in the market.

In addition to Samsung, LG will have to deal with a number of companies that are also aiming to increase their share of the market. The latest model of the Motorola Razr is set to be introduced into the market as well as the next Samsung Galaxy Note device. The company has its work cut out for them and it may be aiming to make it easier with its upcoming smartphone offering.

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