Saturday, August 4, 2012

Work On Facebook Phone Denied

Facebook Smartphone
Facebook Smartphone

Bloomberg recently hinted at the possibility that a Facebook phone is already being developed and is scheduled to be available in the middle of next year. Earlier reports had already hinted at the possibility that Facebook will be releasing its own handset.

The supposed Facebook phone will reportedly be produced in collaboration with HTC although no other information was released by the news agency.

However this was denied by Mark Zuckerberg in a conference call where the earnings of the company for previous quarter were released. He said that producing a Facebook phone does not make sense for the company, which is focused on enhance the experience of its increasing number of users.

Zuckerberg indicated that Facebook is currently the most-used application on practically all mobile platforms and the company aims to offer applications that are well-integrated into the systems. He added that the company intends to support an ecosystem which allows other apps to be built on top of Facebook.

There are numerous things that the company has to work on and it does not include the production of a Facebook phone.

Despite this, reports on the possibility that a Facebook phone is already on its way have continued to emerge. Bloomberg indicated that the Facebook phone will feature a modified operating system and will be launched into the market next year.

However the interest in entering the hardware market is quite strong with Google being one of the tech companies to introduce their own smartphone and tablet offerings. Microsoft and Amazon have also developed their own products that compete with their own hardware partners.

But Zuckerberg appears to be firm in saying that the Facebook phone is not in the plans of the company. In spite of this, speculations continue to emerge on the possibility that the company will release their own handset into the market.

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