Saturday, October 13, 2012

Best Buy Reduces Price of Samsung Galaxy S3 on Sunday

Black Samsung Galaxy S3
Black Samsung Galaxy S3
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Anyone who is hoping to score the best Android smartphone, for the moment that is, but are financially-challenged, October 14 will probably be a good day to purchase the device. Reports have indicated that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be offered at a discounted price on Best Buy on Sunday.

The release of the iPhone 5 may have prompted this reduction in the price of the Samsung Galaxy S3 albeit only for one day. This comes after reports indicated that the latest model of the iPhone has surpassed the latest flagship smartphone of Samsung in terms of web traffic.

The price tag of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will reportedly be reduced by $100 on Best Buy on October 14 only.

With the reduction, consumers will be able to acquire the Samsung Galaxy S3 at a cheaper price compared to when it was initially offered into the market. Consumers will be able to use the device once they sign up for a mobile service contract with one of the mobile service providers in the US.

The reduction will also make the Samsung Galaxy S3 cheaper compared to the price tag of the device over at Amazon Wireless. The site is offering the device at the lowest price tag in the market for the moment.

The report follows the recent introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, which some observers have hinted is a cheaper option for the full-size Android device. 

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