Thursday, November 22, 2012

Best Black Friday Deals Offered By Barnes and Noble

Nook Simple Touch
Nook Simple Touch
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With Black Friday 2012 just around the corner, a good number of consumers are on the lookout for the best Black Friday deals that they can find.

Barnes & Noble is one manufacturer that may offer one of the best Black Friday deals for e-reader devices this year. A year ago, the company reduced the regular $99 price tag of the Nook Simple Touch device by $20. However, for Black Friday 2012, the company is reducing the price of the same device by $40, which means that the Nook Simple Touch will be offered at an in-store special price tag of only $59, making it one of the best Black Friday deals for an e-reader this year.

This may be considered among one of the best Black Friday deals and will only be available on Black Friday 2012. In addition to the price reduction of the most affordable Nook device, the company is also reducing the prices of some accessories by fifty percent, which is another. These accessories include the reading lights, charging cables, stylus, SD card, car charging kit, stand, and the screen protector kits. The reduced prices for the accessories will still be available after Black Friday 2012 or until November 26.

This is just one of the great Black Friday deals from the company, which is also offering a thirty percent reduction on another item. Consumers will just have to print out a specific code for the in-store coupon or use it at the checkout while shopping online for Black Friday 2012.

The price of some Blu-ray and DVD discs will also be reduced by fifty percent price by the company for Black Friday 2012. The price reduction on the discs will not be limited as one of the Black Friday deals for this year since it will also be available for consumers until Monday.

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