Friday, November 30, 2012

Microsoft May Be Working On Xbox Mini


A number of reports have hinted at the possibility that Microsoft may be planning to expand its share of the game console market by offering the Xbox Mini. This upcoming device is supposed to allow the company to enter the set-top niche of the game console market.

The Xbox Mini will reportedly be offered as a cheaper alternative to the game consoles that are currently available in the market. It is aimed at competing with the set-top offerings of Roku and Apple. Microsoft will reportedly attempt to expand its market with the Xbox Mini to include casual gamers who are satisfied with casual game titles.

A number of anonymous sources provided the basis for the report, according to the Verge. However the price range for the supposed Xbox Mini was not stated in the report. As a point of comparison, the set-top unit of Roku has a base price tag of $50 while the Set-top unit of Apple is priced at $99.

The Xbox Mini will reportedly be a smaller model of the upcoming model of the Xbox game console. Industry watchers have indicated that the strategy used by the company of the upcoming set-top product offering is similar to what its strategy with the Windows 8, which is to enter a number of niches in the market at the same time.

However some questions were raised on what are being referred to with the casual game titles. It is logical that the Xbox Mini will not be compatible to graphics-heavy game titles such as Halo although it remains uncertain whet casual game titles mean.

Although no details were released on the specs of the reported Xbox Mini, leaked documents have given industry watchers an idea of what to look out for when the set-top product will be released into the market. Among the features of the upcoming Xbox Mini include four hardware cores, a standard 8GB RAM, removable hard drive and four USB ports. The reported Xbox Mini is also expected to come with a pair of augmented reality glasses, 3D sound, Blu-ray video support, and a controller that features a touchscreen.

Aside from the reported Xbox Mini, the company may also unveil a cloud gaming service that supports game streaming across platforms.

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