Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mystery Apple Product Finally Revealed

The Venus
The Venus
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Some time ago a report emerged about a mystery Apple product that renowned designer Philippe Starck had been working on together with the late Steve Jobs. The revelation was made in a discussion with a France-based newspaper, Le Figaro.

During the discussion, Starck did not give any details about the supposed mystery Apple product. However, a recent report revealed that videos of the yacht of Jobs, the Venus, were discovered recently. The yacht was reportedly unveiled one year after the Jobs passed away.

The design of the yacht was sleek and evokes the feeling of an Apple Store together with a number of 27-inch iMac units. The yacht may have been the mystery Apple product that Starck was referring to.

The revelation of Starck on the erstwhile mystery Apple product gives a view on the design process of the late Apple co-founder. Initially Starck was given free rein on the design of the yacht, which is considered unusual for Jobs. Starck indicated that Jobs gave him the length of the yacht along with the number of people Jobs would want to accommodate.

However, this was only the start of the long design process for the one-time mystery Apple product since Jobs would work with him at least once every six week, fine-tuning the design of the Apple yacht. The meetings started in 2007 and ended when Jobs passed away last year.

The meetings simply reflect the personality of Jobs in controlling the design of the supposed mystery Apple product. But Starck praised Jobs during an interview although the design of the Venus was frequently refined and simplified. The details were reviewed until perfection was attained. A number of limitations were set, which resulted to perfection in the philosophy of the two geniuses.

The simplicity of the design also reflects the products of Apple, which evokes purpose despite its simplicity. Starck indicated that everything inside the Venus had a purpose.

Although the latest report finally revealed the supposed mystery Apple product that were reported earlier this year, no reports have emerged on the development of an iYacht by Apple.

However, some Apple observers are hinting at the possibility that a developer may be working on apps that are specifically designed for use on the erstwhile mystery Apple product, the Venus.

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