Monday, November 26, 2012

Opening of New Apple Headquarters Postponed To 2016

New Apple Headquarters
New Apple Headquarters
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It appears that the Apple mother ship will not be ready for use until 2016. Apparently the start of the construction has encountered delays since the environmental impact report will not be completed until June of next year. Due to this, construction of the new Apple headquarters will not start until 2014.

The company planned to hold the groundbreaking for its new spaceship-like 176-acre headquarters this year, but the delay will likely result to its postponement to a later date.

Plans for the new Apple headquarters were laid out by the late Steve Jobs last year. It is designed to look like a huge circle that has four stories and an area of 2.8 million square feet. Initially around 12,000 people were supposed to be based on the new Apple headquarters but this figure has increased to around 14,200 people in recent revised proposals.

According to the city manager of Cupertino, David Brandt, the company could have its groundbreaking by 2013 if everything moves without a hitch. The update to the proposal of Apple was supposed to have been submitted to the city by September however delays have resulted to the revised construction schedule for the new Apple headquarters. The groundbreaking in 2013 will only be possible if the project is given approval by the city without delay and no legal challenges will be filed by the residents of the area.

The current headquarters of Apple can accommodate around 2,800 individuals. But a good number of its 12,000 employees are working in a number of rented buildings within the city.

The new Apple headquarters was pitched by the company this year using a brochure that indicated that it will put in an additional 120 acres of greenery to the landscape of the city. The structure will also result to a reduction in vehicular traffic in the city.

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