Thursday, November 22, 2012

Possible Good Black Friday Deals From Samsung

Samsung WB850F
Samsung WB850F
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Still looking for a good Black Friday deal? Well, Samsung may have the answer for you, that is, if you are open to getting a camera that has not yet made a big splash in the industry.

Although the South Korean company has yet to create brand recognition in the camera industry, it does offer a feature that is at par with its rivals, Wi-Fi connectivity. This is good Black Friday deal is music to the ears of photo enthusiasts who have the habit of shooting then sharing their images to their friends over the net.

Samsung cameras with the Smart brand will come with an integrated 802.11n wireless feature that is used in connecting to a Wi-Fi network. This will allow users to easily back up images into the Microsoft SkyDrive or a Windows-powered computer. It also facilitates viewing of images and videos on a DLNA-equipped device as well as allows the device to link up with similar Wi-Fi cameras from Samsung. Users will also be able to link the camera wirelessly into a smartphone that facilitates uploading to various social networks. In addition to these productivity options, users will also be able to link to an iOS or an Android device.

The camera can also be controlled remotely using Samsung Galaxy devices. Although the South Korean company has indicated that t can only guarantee this capability using the Galaxy devices, some users were reportedly able to use an iPad and some Android devices for this feature.

One good Black Friday deal is the Samsung WB850F. This particular good Black Friday deal from Samsung offers users a 21X zoom lens with an aperture value that starts at f2.8. It has numerous features that enhances user experience including a three-inch AMOLED display that performs well under bright sunlight, the Smart Panel UI that facilitates changes in camera settings, and of course Wi-Fi connectivity.

This good Black Friday deal also offers a number of shooting options such as the full manual and the semi-manual mode. It also allows has a number of modes that goes beyond the basic scene modes.

Another good Black Friday deal is the Samsung NX210. This camera features a similar body design as its predecessor, the Samsung NX200. It also comes with a number of connectivity and sharing options and offers impressive raw images for its users.

These are just some good Black Friday deals that you may want to consider when you are in the market for a notable camera from this South Korean company.

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