Saturday, November 10, 2012

Price For New Windows Phone 8 Devices Released By AT&T

Windows Phone 8X
Windows Phone 8X
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AT&T recently announced the price tags of its latest Windows Phone 8 devices, which are evidently intended to appeal to different market segments.

The Windows Phone 8X of HTC is priced at around $200 with a two-year service contract. It is also offering a much affordable version that has half the memory at around $100. The device will reportedly have the capability of being combined with a wireless charging casing although Verizon will offer the device together with the wireless charging capability incorporated into the device.

The Windows Phone 8 devices became available for orders recently and will be delivered by AT&T by the coming week. An earlier report had indicated that the devices will enter the market by Thanksgiving.

In addition to the Windows Phone 8X, the US-based network service provider will also offer the Nokia Lumia 920 at a price tag of around $100 with a similar contract. In addition to the Nokia 920, the Nokia Lumia 820 will also be released by the company at a price tag of around $50.

A free wireless charging pad will also be offered together with the Nokia Lumia 920 although it will be a limited promotional add-on for the Windows Phone 8 device. Microsoft recently launched the Windows Phone 8 smartphones as part of its major marketing effort to promote its latest mobile operating system. According to Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft, the company aims to promote a number of platforms as a line of products as it aims to increase familiarity on the idea of live tiles.

AT&T is considered the best partner of Microsoft and will have the biggest number of Windows Phone 8 devices. It played a major role in making the Nokia Lumia 900 relatively successful during the past year. However, industry watchers are hopeful that the Windows Phone 8 will make a significant impact in the market that is currently being dominated by the Android and iOS.

An earlier statement by Ballmer indicated that market for the Windows Phone 8 is rather small although it may increase with the release of more devices into the market. However with the popularity of the Android and iOS, it may take some time before the company will create waves in the market. 

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