Friday, November 9, 2012

Report Hints At Retina iPad Mini

Retina iPad Mini
Retina iPad Mini
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It appears that Apple is not yet done with the iPad Mini if a recent report turns out to be true. According to a report, the company is reportedly preparing for a Retina model of its seven-inch model of the iPad.

The report comes at the heels of the release of the smaller version of the tablet offering of Apple. The report came from DoNews, a China-based website, which indicated that AUO, a screen display manufacturer, is reportedly working on a bugger resolution display for the iPad Mini.

The resolution of the supposed next version of the iPad Mini is 2048 by 1536, which is similar to the resolution of the last two models of the iPad. However, the supposed Retina iPad Mini will have a bigger pixel density at 300 PPI compared to the 264 PPI of the iPad 4 owing to its smaller display.

Although some industry watchers are hinting that this may just be an unfounded rumor, it does not really require much speculation for a future Retina model of the iPad Mini. There are already a number of Retina models of the products of Apple, which means it is not a farfetched idea for the company to come out with a Retina model of the smaller iPad.

Among the not-so-positive comments on the iPad Mini is the grainy pixel density of its display, and Apple may opt to do something about this in the future. However, Apple enthusiasts may have to wait for some time since this Retina iPad Mini will reportedly be released into the market in the second half of next year.

For the moment, no statements were released by Apple on the report of the supposed Retina model of the iPad Mini.

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