Saturday, December 8, 2012

Limitations On iPhone 5 Purchases Removed

iPhone 5
iPhone 5
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After the supply of the iPhone 5 stabilized and the availability of unlocked models of the device, it appears that Apple is already allowing customers to purchase more than two units of the device at a time.

The limitation was nowhere to be found on the order form for the iPhone 5 at the Web store of Apple. This indicates that the supply of the device has finally caught up with the demand. In addition to the two-unit-limit for the iPhone 5, the company has apparently removed the ten-unit-lifetime limit was also removed by the company.

The unlocked model of the iPhone 5 became available recently, which means users are free to choose which mobile service provider they want to sign up with. Since any nano-SIM card of any supported mobile service provider, users will be able to bring the iPhone 5 when they travel abroad. They would only have to find a mobile service provider that supports the device in their country of destination.

The lifting of the restrictions may result to purchases by resellers who aim to offer the iPhone 5 in countries where it is not currently available. But these resellers will have to work fast since Apple is bent on offering the latest model of the iPhone in over fifty more countries before the end of the year.

Similar to its previous product launches, the company had to deal with problems in the supply of the iPhone 5 following its launch last September. However these issues have apparently been dealt with as the waiting time for the device has gone down to around four days as compared to the initial month-long wait when the smartphone was initially offered in the market.

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