Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sales of iPad 4 Affected By iPad Mini

iPad Mini
iPad Mini
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If the people at Apple were concerned on the effect of the introduction of the iPadMini together with the latest model of the iPad, then their concerns are understandable. It appears that the smaller model of the tablet offering of Apple is already affecting the sales of the iPad 4.

Stocks of the iPad Mini are reportedly limited basing on a survey conducted by Citi in around fifty Apple stores. In comparison, the stocks of the iPad 4 were remained significantly high. The survey revealed that around 8- percent of the stores have revealed that some models of the iPad Mini are still available. However the overall inventory of the device is limited in 96 percent of the Apple stores in the survey, especially the model that consumers are looking for.

Among all models of the iPad Mini, the 32GB model has continued to be available in the stores.

In comparison, all of the stores have indicated that stocks of the iPad 4 have remained stable with only six percent indicated that its stocks are low. This gives indications that the iPad Mini may have affected the sales of the iPad 4.

An estimated ten million units of the iPad Mini were manufactured for this quarter while around fifteen million units of all the other models of the iPad were manufactured. Reports have hinted at the possibility that issues in the manufacturing side have affected the supply of the Apple iPad Mini.

Problems in the panel shipments have reportedly affected the manufacture of the device although the manufacturer, AU Optronics has indicated that there were no problems in the supply of panels for the Apple iPad Mini. The production of the panels may have been affected by design of the panel itself since it is thinner compared to the full-sized model of the iPad.

But the reported problems on the production of the panels for the iPad Mini may be dealt with before the New Year, which means deliveries of the device may increase in the next quarter.

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