Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Camera Coming Soon

Samsung Galaxy Camera
Samsung Galaxy Camera
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The Samsung Galaxy Camera will soon become available through Verizon as reports have indicated that the Verizon version of the Android-powered camera was reportedly spotted at the FCC.

Initial feedback on the Samsung Galaxy Camera was generally positive although its limited availability drew some reactions from industry watchers. The device was initially only available through AT&T but the recent report has hinted at the possibility that Verizon will also be offering the device in the market.

Details about the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy Camera emerged recently and they indicated that the 700MHz LTE band of Verizon may be supported by the device. Some industry watchers have hinted of the possible release of the 4G version of the device following reports on the testing made last November.

The price of the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Camera has yet to be revealed although there is a possibility that the price may be subsidized by the mobile service provider, which will make it affordable to the consumers.

Although the Samsung Galaxy Camera is a nice device to have, consumers may have to shell out a monthly fee in order to optimize the use of the device.

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