Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cheap iPhone Reports Emerge Once Again

iPhone 5
iPhone 5
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Cheap iPhone? Anyone? A recent report from the Wall Street Journal hinted at the possibility that a cheap iPhone will be launched by Apple within the year. However, this appears to be old news since Wall Street Journal apparently made a similar report some time ago.

The report also comes after Digitimes, a Taiwan-based website, reported the possibility that the cheap iPhone will be promoted mainly in developing countries.

An anonymous source reportedly indicated that Apple has been looking into developing a cheap iPhone for some time already. However, it was only recently when some progress has been made in the creation of the device. The device will reportedly have a polycarbonate plastic shell, which is the only new detail in the report. The source also revealed that the cheap iPhone will be unveiled by Apple before the end of the year.

A Wall Street Journal report in February 2011 indicated that a prototype of the iPhone was supposedly spotted and is set to be sold as part of the device lineup of Apple. The cheap iPhone will reportedly be smaller compared to iPhone 4, which was the main model of the device at that time.

The cheap iPhone will supposedly be similar to the design of a typical iPhone although it will have a cheaper body. Using polycarbonate plastic may allow Apple to bring down the cost of producing the device. The other components will come from the older models of the iPhone.

The Wall Street Journal report on the supposed cheap iPhone was also similar to the Digitimes report, which was not quite credible. The report revealed that the device will feature Snapdragon chipsets and a bigger screen display.

Well, it appears that this latest report on a supposed cheap iPhone simply shows that the season for Apple rumors has already started once again.

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