Thursday, February 14, 2013

New PlayStation 4 To Feature New Playing Options

PlayStation 3
PlayStation 3
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The new PlayStation 4 of Sony is expected to feature a number of new playing options and is expected to come with better graphics, according to recent reports from Nikkei.

Reports have indicated that the next-generation game console of Sony is designed to become the nerve center of the living room. Although the new PlayStation 4 is expected to feature better graphics, the additional playing options were given more focus by videogame enthusiasts.

The new playing options of the upcoming videogame console are expected to be unveiled by Sony this coming February 20. 

Reports have indicated that the new PlayStation 4 will feature a major upgrade compared to the current PlayStation 3. One of the upgrades that the upcoming device will feature is the use of an eight-core processor from AMD. Despite the major hardware upgrades, the new playing options are expected to be in the spotlight among videogame enthusiasts. 

The latest playing options that will be featured on the new PlayStation 4 include the capability of connecting to mobile devices as well as sharing of data between the two devices. The strategy of Sony has also included the use of multiple screens, which may be featured on the new PlayStation 4 of Sony. This strategy was used on the PlayStation Vita, which is capable of connecting to the PlayStation 3. This provides gamers with a dual-screen gaming experience. 

The next generation videogame console of Sony is expected to be unveiled during an event scheduled on February 20. It is also expected to enter the market before the end of the year.

For the moment, Sony has not released any statements in connection to the report about the new PlayStation 4.

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