Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blurred Photos A Thing Of The Past With New Photoshop Feature

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop
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The latest version of Adobe Photoshop will include a tool that will allow people to fix the blur resulting from a wobbly camera.

According to the company, the upcoming version of its image-editing software will include a deblurring filter that will be heaven-sent for photo enthusiasts who do not find it easy to take out the camera shake whenever they take photos. A video was shown by the company featuring the filter as it promoted the upcoming Adobe Max event that is scheduled to be held next month.

Senior Photoshop product manager Zoriana Gee said that the camera shake reduction tool will allow users to remove the blur in the photos that they take. The feature will be particularly useful when it comes to low-light situations and slow shutter speeds.

However it appears that the tool will likely be available for Creative Cloud subscribers since the Creative Suite 7 will not be available soon. Adobe revealed that the feature will be offered once it has been finalized by the company. Clients who traditionally purchase perpetual licenses will have to wait for the release of the CS7 into the market in order to take advantage of the feature.

A number of cameras have had to deal with blurred photos in the past, and researchers have been trying to come up with a practical blurring technique that will make reduce if not eliminate it. Some of these methods include finding out how the camera moved and reversing the effect.

The feature can be applied as a filter on a particular area in the photo. The method used by Adobe remains uncertain although it will be eventually revealed once the feature is released into the market.

Personally, this feature will take out the thrill of the taking good photos. Blurring due to camera shake is one of the things that photo enthusiasts take into consideration when they take their shots. Although it will also allow photo enthusiasts to create salvage pictures that were otherwise ruined by blurring.

Blurred photos are a part of the challenge of photo enthusiasts and taking away this challenge will make the pursuit rather less . . .  challenging.

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