Thursday, April 4, 2013

Delay Noted On The Development Of iOS 7


The possible release of the new iPhone over the summer may be in danger of being moved back, that is if it will be released at around the same time Apple will release the iOS 7. This is due to reports that have hinted at the possibility that the development of the latest version of the mobile OS of Apple is delayed is proven to be true.

Although nothing definite has been reported on the development of the iOS 7, reports seem to indicate that work on the mobile OS is supposedly behind schedule. Despite this, reports have also revealed that the next mobile OS may feature a brand-new display.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball reportedly indicated that there is a possible delay in the development of the OS and it appears that the company has beefed up its team with engineers from the team working on the Mac OS X 10.9. The report hints at the possible release of the iOS 7 during the Worldwide Developers Conference of the company, which is normally held sometime in June and where the developer versions of the software of the company are released.

In addition to reporting the possible delay, Gruber was reportedly able to obtain information about the design of the supposed mobile OS of Apple. The iOS may see some changes, which Apple is aiming to keep a secret by giving the lead in the development of the device interface to Jony Ive, the industrial design vice president of the company.

Reports have indicated that iOS engineers, who have carrying privileges, have placed polarizing filters on the display of their iPhones, which make it difficult to see any modifications made on the user interface of the device, Gruber said. Rene Ritchie of iMore also made similar observations as he indicated that the work of Ive will make a number of people happy with the iOS 7. However, designers who favor rich-texture may not share the same sentiment. This is due to the supposed affinity of Ive for trying to replicate real-world materials and objects.

Reports about the new mobile OS have emerged ever since the start of the year, when developer logs have shown the OS coming out. But it remains uncertain when the iOS 7 will be launched.

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