Friday, April 19, 2013

Grand Theft Auto Music Playlist Released By Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto
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The complete Grand Theft Auto music playlist was compiled recently by Rockstar Games, which is a great treat for fans of the video game series.

The music of the Grand Theft Auto has always been an icon of the video game series since it allows enthusiasts of the game of being a part of a larger-than-life sense of the American culture. Spotify account holders will be able to download the playlist for free although they would have to cope with some advertisements here and there. The Grand Theft Auto playlist can also be purchased through Apple iTunes at a price of a penny.

Actually fans of the game can get the playlist if they were diligent enough to create their own playlist through the years when the game was released into the market. However this official playlist will allow game enthusiasts who were too busy (read: lazy) to build their own personal playlist to have the entire Grand Theft Auto music playlist all in one download.

The Grand Theft Auto soundtracks have also been available in physical form for a number of years already.

The link for the entire Grand Theft Auto music playlist is also available on the website of Rockstar. Spotify users can simply go to the public profile of Rockstargames and get all the tracks in one download.

A number of game enthusiasts were amused by the radio stations while cruising along the streets of San Andreas or Liberty City. However, it appears that these are not available although some are hoping that they will be released by Rockstar in the future. It can also be noted that aside from the Grand Theft Auto music playlist, the website offers a number of radio commercials from the game series although not all of them can be considered safe for work.

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