Thursday, April 25, 2013

Multi-Directional Treadmill Matches Well With First-Person-Shooter

Multi-Directional Treadmill
Multi-Directional Treadmill
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Combining a multi-directional treadmill with a first-person-shooter is something that will likely excite virtual reality enthusiasts who want to bring their game to another level. Omni is one such product that allows gamers to interact with the game in a wholly different level, while having a good exercise at the same time.

A video was released recently by the producers of the product showing the Omni treadmill being combined with the Oculus Rift headset. The treadmill looks like an open booth where the users will be able to move towards any direction they want.

The video shows the player moving naturally using the multi-directional treadmill within the game. The head movements and other physical movements of the player simulate the movement of the character in the game. The game used on the video is Team Fortress 2.

According to Jan Geotgeluk, the CEO of Virtux, the company aims to provide household consumers will a multi-directional treadmill that has a reasonable price. The company was able to produce the first such treadmill that is small enough to be used in the living room and is priced reasonably. The product also allows users to walk naturally in any virtual environment.

For the moment, it remains uncertain when the product will become available in the market. However the company intends to launch its Kickstarter campaign to create awareness for the product. It is also aiming to create more Kinect-friendly versions of the product.

The multi-directional treadmill from Virtux is expected to have a price tag of around $1,000, which is reasonable enough for a number of virtual reality products that may come out in the market.

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