Friday, April 19, 2013

Smartwatch Offering From Microsoft Hinted On Report

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Even as Apple has yet to confirm the reports on the development of the iWatch, it may already have a rival from a smartwatch that will reportedly be developed by Microsoft.

According to sources within the supply chain in Asia, components for a watch device that is touch-enabled were reportedly requested by the tech giant. This means that the company is looking into entering the soon-to-be-crowded smartwatch market.

The suppliers in Asia revealed that the company has requested to deliver parts for a device that can be made into a touch-enabled watch device. One of the executives of the suppliers revealed that he had a discussion with the research and development team of Microsoft in Redmond, Washington. However, it remains uncertain if the company will be developing its own version of a smartwatch.

Microsoft will become a part of select group of tech leaders who are reportedly working on their own wrist-worn touch-enabled device. Reports had earlier revealed that Apple was supposedly working on an iOS device that can be worn like a wristwatch, which some industry watchers have dubbed as the iWatch. Reports also revealed that around 100 people were supposedly working on the device.

A Samsung senior executive has also reportedly revealed that the company is also developing devices that can be worn, including a smartwatch. Preparations for such a device were supposedly made by the South Korean company for some time already.

But the more notable wearable device that has hit the news recently was the Google Glass of the online search giant. Aside from the augmented reality eyewear, a patent application from the company has showed that it is set to develop a timepiece that has a clear touchscreen that can flip up from its base that can be used as a secondary screen display.

Discussions on timepieces such as these have cropped up during the Consumer Electronics Show. Some of these smartwatch devices include the Pebble wristwatch, which was unveiled at the event, as well as the Martian Passport Watch.

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