Monday, April 22, 2013

Smell-O-Vision Coming To Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3
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“Smell-o-Vision” anyone? It appears that the 1960s innovation is making a comeback in Japan as “Iron Man 3” will makes its debut in the “Land of the Rising Sun” in 4DX, complete with seats that tilt and smells.

Imagine a scene where Iron Man fires off his pulse beams and you suddenly smell something strange in the air. Something similar to this will reportedly be used in theaters in Japan when the third installment of the Iron Man movie hits the big screen. The 4DX system will give moviegoers a more interactive experience as more senses will be able to feel the movie as it is shown.

A number of devices will be installed in movie theaters with the coming of the 4DX format. Among the features that will be installed are tilting seats, fog and wind devices, ceiling-mounted bubble generators, strobe lighting, and of course odor effects. The addition of these devices for the “Iron Man 3” will make the theater appear as if it was taken over by some funky-minded genius.

The 4DX technology was originally developed in Korea although it will reach the shores of Japan in time for the showing of “Iron Man 3.” It is also possible that US moviegoers will get to experience the 4DX system sometime in the future since the CJ Group or the company behind the system is planning to bring it into the US.

Speculations are expected to emerge on what odors moviegoers will get a whiff of when it comes to the US. The laboratory of Tony Stark may smell like metal and solder. While the explosions that will come out on the screen in the “Iron Man 3” movie may reek of a good amount of gunpowder.

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