Thursday, May 16, 2013

Firefox OS-Powered Smartphones Offered To Programmers

Firefox OS-Powered Smartphone
Firefox OS-Powered Smartphone
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It seems Mozilla is getting serious with the Firefox OS-powered smartphones as it is reportedly offering a developer phone to programmers who will make apps for the Firefox Marketplace.

Havi Hoffman of Mozilla posted recently that the company are willing to make the apps that on the Marketplace if the programmers have a great idea for an app and can create it. The company will also provide a Firefox OS Developer Preview device to the programmers, which they can use to develop the app. The Firefox OS is expected to be formally launched by summer.

Hoffman added that once the Firefox OS-powered smartphones become available in the market, the programmers will have the chance of being the first ones to post their apps on the Firefox Marketplace. A number of users in selected markets will be looking for apps that they can use on their smartphones. These apps may include games, utilities, tools, entertainment, sports and other apps.

Since the apps for the Firefox OS are browser-based, they are expected to load websites that are specially designed for mobile devices. This will allow the OS of Mozilla to start strong since it can already load a number of popular websites.

The challenge that programmers will face is how to create an app that is suitable for devices that have limited hardware capabilities. The company is also aiming to ensure that these apps will work on these devices. The first FirefoxOS-powered smartphones were intended to be promoted in developing markets, where the price tag is an important consideration when consumers acquire a smartphone.

The first-generation phones using the Firefox OS were unveiled by Mozilla during the Mobile World Congress last February. They became available in the recently through Geeksphone. Sony, LG, ZTE, and Alcatel are expected to released their own models of a Firefox OS-powered smartphone, although the launch schedule for these devices remains uncertain for the moment.

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